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Get smooth and sleek feeling skin. Waxing isn't just about hair removal, it is a skin care treatment as well. Our waxing services will leave your skin hair-free and smooth. Before your first waxing service, please allow a minimum of 10 days of hair growth.


Benefits of waxing include:

Less regrowth

Finer regrowth

Waxing is like exfoliation

Waxing banishes shaving rash

Fewer ingrown hairs

Waxing says goodbye to itching

Waxing means no more shaving cuts

It's an opportunity for pampering and you time

Brow, Lip, Foot, Ears, or Chin 

Brow & Lip, Underarm, 1/2 arm or stomach  

Back, chest, full arm or full face  

Full leg  

Bikini, 1/2 Leg  

Brazilian- (NO MANZILIAN)  

Full leg and bikini  

Full leg and Brazilian  

Vajacials target and treat common skin concerns found in the pubic region. This treatment works to eliminate ingrown hairs (otherwise known as bikini bumps), remove dead skin cells, prevent acne flare-ups, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring, diffuse hyperpigmentation, and even out the skin tone. Overall, a vajacial will significantly improve skin health in the vaginal area.


It is recommended that you wax or sugar before getting a vajacial. Estheticians typically advise clients to wait 7-10 days after a wax/sugar before getting a vajacial.


It is recommended that you wait 5-7 days after a shave before getting the treatment done. To be safe, consult your esthetician for their preferred timeline as to when you should shave before your appointment.

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