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Eye Lashes

Preparing for your appointment:


  • Please show up to your appointment with clean, makeup free eyes. 

    • Wait 6-8 weeks before scheduling any lash extension service if you have had a lift and/or tint. 

    • Please avoid excessive caffeine intake prior to your appointment. 

  • If you have a lash set on from another salon, it will need to be removed and a new set will need to be scheduled

    • An adhesive patch test can be performed 24 hours prior to your appointment in case of allergic reactions 

  • Our standard cancellation policy applies to all lash appointments 

  • Times and prices may increase based on your specific needs

  • We encourage you to come alone, be ready to rest, and feel great when you are done!




  • A complimentary at home care kit will be given to you at your first appointment, as well as, verbal care instructions (a digital copy can be provided upon request)

  • Certain things may speed up your lash shedding process but 2-4 lashes per day(per eye) is normal 

  • Please avoid the following while wearing lashes:

    • Close proximity to high heat 

    • Lash serums and mascara 

    • Oil-based products

    • Water for the first 24 hours 


*We want to take the best care of your eye health, so it is imperative to do your part to keep your extensions clean and free of debris. *




  • We strongly encourage you to pre-book a minimum of 2 lash fill appointments 2-3 weeks apart

  • If a lash fill is booked out more than 3 weeks out, a new appointment will need to be booked for a full set 

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