• Karen Hackett

Yay for Gelée! But What About Be Curly?

Nutriplenish Curl Gelee and Be Curly Curl Enhancer products with green boxwood garland

We’ve been lovin’ a lot at the salon on the first styling product to the Nutriplenish family, Curl Gelée - because it’s amazing - and we love new things! Some of our guests have asked us - and it’s a great question - “What about Be Curly?”

Let’s break down a quick comparison of these two very fine products!

Nutriplenish Curl Gelée is a clear, soft gel that hydrates and softly defines waves with a not-too-shiny finish - and it’s great for waves, curls, and coils - and textured hair of all types. It elongates curls while maintaining definition. It hydrates and delivers lots of moisture, provides a flexible hold, and defends hair from humidity for 24 hours. We’ll take it during the hot, summer months! It’s also packed with that same superfood nourishment we know and love from Nutriplenish!

Be Curly Curl Enhancer is an opaque creamy lotion that intensifies and activates curls so that they retract - and stay well-put and defined. It’s hold for bouncy curls that keep on curling’ on! Curl Enhancer also helps fight the frizz and is a shine booster. It’s flexible but one tough cookie thanks to natural ingredients like wheat protein and organic aloe that work together to expand hair when wet, and retract when dry to give curls definition. Makes you want to say, “boing!” This is a great product choice for those with naturally curly hair vs. coils or texture - that’s when you’ll want to use Curl Gelée.

Still not too sure? Why not try them both? This way, you can get a feel for how the products will behave with how you style your curls - and of course, our @portfolioasalon and @portfolioasalonbellefonte stylists are always happy to consult with you on what will work best for you.

Keep calm, curl on, and have fun with discovering a product that works for your curls!

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