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Tie a bow on it! Aveda Holiday 2022 Preview

Whelp, we haven’t even made it through Halloween just yet, but there is already a ton of buzz around Holiday 2022 - and Aveda didn’t miss this bus at all! We’ve been chatting in various meetings about holiday 2022 since August, and we’re happy to give you a little sneak peek of what to expect!


This year’s theme is people- and planet-friendly - and touching: Gift for a Beautiful Tomorrow. The theme is rooted in purpose, intent, and social responsibility - and that a gift from Aveda is grounded in care for people and the planet to ensure a beautiful future. The instant joy of giving and receiving a gift transforms to a lasting positive effect. To give the gift of Aveda is to give something personal and meaningful - it’s luxury with responsibility. Vegan and cruelty-free formulas show that you care and care for the world in which we live. It's Aveda's mission all wrapped up in plant beauty! What’s not to love about that?


Gift for a Beautiful Tomorrow is carried through so beautifully in the exquisite, like-no-other packaging design. Aveda’s collaboration with global fashion brand 3.1 Phillip Lim for Holiday 2022 brings to life a botanical world of beauty with bold and bright special-edition packaging and accessories created with sustainability at the core.

The packaging color palette is inspired by Aveda’s hero hair lines - Botanical Repair, Nutriplenish, and Invati, with hints from the tried and true Shampure, Rosemary Mint, and Cherry Almond. New this year are glimmers of Smooth Infusion’s atmospheric blue, and Color Control’s rich and deep mahogany. It’s botanical, bold, abstract, and absolutely stands out from all the other holiday prattle and clutter.

Even better is that the packaging can be used all year round - gifts that keep on giving, and also reflect 100% sustainability - a true reflection of Aveda. Likewise, it’s 100% inclusive and assumes nothing about what you celebrate. So, while it was designed for Holiday 2022, it’s definitely dressed for any occasion!


This year’s line up is next level from before, and includes new vivid, botanical designs for gift sets (pre-made and packaging for building your own), a shower cap, a cosmetic pouch, a printed mini wooden paddle brush, and a swanky danky hair scarf.

The hair scarf, tho’! I need to crush a minute here because I am imagining just how versatile it is - it can be used as a headband (especially great if you’re growing out your fringe), tied around a sleek and chic ponytail, or used as a handbag scarf. I love it all, but I think this might be my favorite item.

We are BEYOND EXCITED to get these items on our shelves and into your hands. Stay tuned for another post that features the products more in detail - plus - we’ll have some great things to share about Holiday 2022 services, experiences, and styling/looks!

Images: Courtesy of Aveda

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