• Karen Hackett

The journey begins as an Aveda Ambassador!

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I am very pleased and honored to share that I was recently appointed as Portfolio’s Aveda Ambassador - something I’ve been wanting to do for years! It’s a role that will only help me expand my passion for Aveda.

So what does an Aveda Ambassador do, anyway? In a nutshell, ambassadors go beyond just being stewards for Aveda product and services. An ambassador serves as a champion for every aspect of Aveda’s mission. Here’s a snapshot:

Product Intelligence

As an Ambassador, I’ll give Portfolio’s team the 411 on product focus tools that our team will need to know and get pumped about! Through Ambassador calls and roundtables, I’ll gain knowledge about those tools, that I can then pass on to my team members, which we can then share with our guests.

Service Expertise

I’ll learn valuable service behaviors and styles for ensuring that I elevate the guest experience, deliver exemplary service, and support and inspire the Portfolio team to do the same.

Builds Bridges

In this role, I am responsible for building a bridge of communication between Aveda and the Portfolio team. This is the part that's important to ensuring that we as a collective carry out Aveda's mission holistically - that all Ambassadors deliver the same message and information to their respective teams.

Brand Influencer

Through social media, I'll have the opportunity to promote products, services, and engage new and existing guests. Stay tuned - I'll be setting up a professional Aveda Ambassador Instagram account in the very near future. Social media has been an effective avenue for Portfolio and for salons in general. As an Ambassador, my goal is to build trust, demonstrate authenticity, and deliver Aveda information through this valuable avenue.

A Champion FOR Champions

As an Ambassador I will have the opportunity to bring tools, educational opportunities, resources, and access to events to new and existing team members. Education and life-long learning is one of the greatest ways to stay engaged and grow yourself as an artist. I'm looking forward to helping my teammates achieve knowledge and success.

I am so looking forward to serving my team and our guests in this capacity!

Yours in service and with much gratitude,


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