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Stick it in the Fridge! Products to Chill During Summer

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

During the summer months, we all could use a little something to cool us off - and we'll take relief any way we can get it on those sweltering, not-so-pleasant days. A simple remedy? Store your favorite Aveda products in the fridge. Yes, you read it correctly. Here are some of our favorites that you can refrigerate without compromising their integrity - and in some cases - chilling them maximizes their benefits!

From the Botanical Kinetics skin care line, we suggest:


Hydrating Treatment Lotion

Skin Toning Agent or Toning Mist

Intense Hydrating Masque

Chilled, liquid-based products like the ones mentioned above also help to tighten up pores and gently firm the skin. Tighter pores make a great canvas for smooth and flawless makeup application. From our aromas:

Cooling Balancing Oil Rollerball Concentrate

Stress-Fix Rollerball Concentrate

Think about how great that cool rollerball will feel on your pulse points! Oh wait, there's more!

Eye cream:

Another great product to chill? Eye cream! Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye or Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Creme work well - but we highly endorse and recommend the latter. Energizing Eye Creme is naturally formulated with caffeine to de-puff. Refrigerated, it reduces puffiness even more, as the cool version tightens and firms the area under the eye.

Lip glaze and lipstick:

Likewise, makeup items like Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze and Feed My Lips lipstick - especially the ones you're not using as much - are great candidates for the fridge. Long exposure to heat can cause such products to separate or change texture. Gooey lip glaze and lipstick? Say it out loud with us, "YUCK!"


What goes well with lip color? Aveda's Mosscara, of course! Yet another great product you can safely store in the fridge. Mascara in general has a shelf life of about three months - storing it in the fridge extends it a bit and prevents the product from becoming a clumpy and gloopy hot mess - and therefore, unusable!

Keep it clean:

Keep your products away from food. Create a space in your fridge just for your products and/or make sure they are secured in a container of their own.

Happy chilling!

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