• Karen Hackett

Sponsor Our Earth Month Run/Walk for Clean Water!

On April 24 and 25, Portfolio Bellefonte and Portfolio Boalsburg are taking a little time out to put our color bowls down, turn off the hair dryers, and put the Control Force back on our stylist stations to give back to our beautiful planet!

We’re hittin’ the pavement to walk/run 3.7 miles to raise funds for charity: water, an organization that Aveda has partnered with for several years for Earth Month. Here’s where we’re walking, running, and maybe even Prancercising if THAT spirit moves us (LOL!):

Saturday, April 24: Team Bellefonte, Tallyrand Park, @ noon

Sunday, April 25: Team Boalsburg, Military Museum grounds @ noon

Why 3.7 miles? Because…3.7 miles is the average distance that women and girls in India, Nepal, Madagascar, and Ethiopia travel just to collect water each day. 785 million people around the globe struggle to find or have access to clean water. It makes your head spin, but clean water isn’t just a room away from a faucet or water cooler for so many people. So, we’re putting on our best walking/running sneaks and gear to join Aveda in raising funds for clean water access and projects.

How to Donate

It’s easy! All you need to do is visit our donation page on our curbside pickup site and hit Donate - or simply select it from the “Most Popular” items on the curbside home page. Donations can be made in $5 increments. We’ll also accept donations on-site at each of our salon locations.

100% of all donations will go directly to charity: water to support clean water projects around the world! Your donation is never too small - and has an enormous impact. Donations will be accepted through April 30 (the official end date for Earth Month). And guess what, we’re throwing in our own dollars, too, to support the cause.

As always, thank you so much for your support. We know we’ll have a lot of fun doing this as a team, but importantly, our activity supports clean water access to those who need it the most - and supports Aveda’s mission, for which we are champions. Thanks again for helping us step up for clean water!

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