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Say Hello to Your Sterling Dreams: Meet Aveda’s Demi + Grey hair color!

Stacked boxes of Aveda Demi + Grey hair color

There’s a new rock star in the Aveda Full Spectrum Demi + Custom-Deposit Treatment Hair Color town: Demi + Grey! Sorry, that was a mouthful - chalk it up to excitement “plus” my desire to make sure the color product reference is legit!

But what’s so exciting about the color grey? This color usually invokes thoughts of rainy days, dreariness, and starkness. Not anymore! Grey - especially when it comes to hair color - is going through a revolution - and it’s beautiful! It’s a foundation for fueling creativity and creative inspiration.

This is the first time that Aveda has expanded this category of hair color - and it has limitless and fabulous creative possibilities. Remember that inspiration I just mentioned? It’s exactly what drove Aveda to create this very sought-after color - and very smartly so.

Ultimate Grey is the color of 2021 chosen by Pantone. For over 20 years, Pantone has forecasted and influenced color design choices in multiple industries, including fashion design, beauty, home furnishings and design, industrial design, and product packaging. I think it’s safe to say that Pantone touches every industry with its color of the year selections - revolutionizing design aesthetics almost everywhere (if not everywhere!)

As a result of this influence, we are now blessed in our Aveda family with Demi + Grey. There’s no time like the present to embrace grey. Lots of people did so when they couldn’t get their hair colored due to shutdowns during the height of COVID - and now they are just loving their naturally silver tresses.

Demi + Grey is perfect on its own to create a soft, silvery grey or as the foundation for a multitude of looks: It can be mixed with an existing formula to achieve a smoky look, or with natural base to expand the color palette of possibilities. Demi + Grey can also be used to cool down blonde. Likewise, Demi + Grey has restorative properties, and leaves hair conditioned, shiny, and radiant. For naturally grey guests, it can take as little as five minutes to enhance their natural look, but the possibilities really are endless for creating beautiful, unique, and custom-made looks for guests.

And speaking of possibilities, how about an example from one of our salon’s artists, Tessa Tate, followed by examples directly from some of Aveda’s finest and most talented artists.

Enjoy these looks - if you’re a hair artist, I hope they inspire you to create your own limitless palette of possibilities - and if you’re a guest, and you’re stoked by what you see, talk to your stylist about the look and color formula to make all of your sterling dreams come true!

Looks that Inspire

Stylist Tessa Tate's silvery blonde using Aveda's Demi + Grey hair color

Tessa Tate @balayageordye

Portfolio Salon

Boalsburg, and Bellefonte, PA

Kaitlyn Valderrama


Lavish Salon

Webster, Texas

Minhwa Lee


Pompadours Aveda

Boulder, Colorado

Trish Urso

Essentials Salon at Valley Square

Warrington, Pennsylvania

Heggy Gonzalez


Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes

Orem, Utah

Alexa Frank


Silo Salon

Bismarck, North Dakota

Malia O'Keefe


Dame Salon Spa

De Pere, Wisconsin

All images except Tessa's are from Aveda's Demi + Grey Formulation Guide. Tessa's photo is Tessa's own.

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