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Ready, Set, Hydrate! Keep hair and skin healthy all fall season long!

Aveda Nutriplenish products paired with Aveda's Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Water Gel Creme and Intense Hydrator serum, on a marble backdrop with golden acorn decorations, black river stones, and crystal stones. Nutriplenish products include Leave-in Conditioner, Multi-use Hair Oil, Daily Moisturizing Treatment, and Treatment Masque in Deep

As they say, it’s definitely fall ya’ll - and in addition to brilliant colors and cooler, crisper, let’s-walk-in-the-woods temps, the air is drier, too. And you know what this means!?! You need to stay hydrated, from within and with your hair and skin care routines. No worries - the Portfolio team has you covered!

First and foremost, drink that water! The better you handle your internal hydration, the better your external hydration will be - and it will maximize your at-home skin and hair care routines, and really make that Aveda we know and love work the best for you. Annnnnd - you’ll likely use less product because you won’t need as much if your engine is in check from within!

Drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables with high water content help brighten skin, plump fine lines, and aid with flushing out toxins. Self-hydration helps prepare your hair and skin for optimal at-home care. Nutriplenish and Botanical Kinetics to the rescue and for the hydration win!

In addition to using Nutriplenish Shampoo and Conditioner when on your wash days, make sure to also fortify that nutrient-powered hydration with additional superfood goodness, such as:

Leave-in Conditioner

This no rinse, leave-in conditioner is great to spray on mids to ends before you blow dry. It hydrates hair for 72 hours, protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees, and provides naturally derived UV filtering through the power of sand ginger - protecting your hair from the sun’s harmful rays and from heat styling. You can use it on wet or dry hair, and it makes for a great pre-shampoo treatment.

Multi-use Hair Oil

If you want hydration and shine at the same time, you cannot miss with this oil. It features a blend of 5 power oils, and offers multiple uses to deliver ultimate shine and hydration to all hair types. Use it:

  • Before you shampoo as a pre-treatment, then shampoo out

  • As a leave-in treatment before you style

  • As an overnight treatment - just apply from roots to ends, then shampoo out in the morning

  • To enhance shine post-styling by adding a small amount from mids to ends

  • For a hydrating scalp massage - just use a small amount and gently massage into scalp with your finger tips

Daily Moisturizing Treatment

This treatment to me is the Cadillac of moisture treatments. I use it along with the Leave-in Conditioner before I blow dry because it adds so much smoothness and shine. Very buttery, it delivers extra moisture - just what I need during this time of year. Its thick and decadent texture comes from luxe organic plant power from mango, coconut, and pomegranate - and pomegranate is very rich in omega 5, which revitalizes brittle hair. Like the Leave-in, sand ginger provides a natural UV filter, protecting from heat styling and sun exposure.

Treatment Masque

Give your hydration some major woah factor with a Nutriplenish Treatment Masque. It’s decadent, to say the least, and delivers 4x the hydration, resulting in conditioned, shiny, lush hair. The same mango, coconut, and pomegranate cocktail that powers the Daily Moisturizing Treatment also powers this masque, which is easy to use. After shampooing, apply, and leave in 2-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. You can do this weekly to ensure constant hydration. If your hair is particularly thirsty, you can try it at first twice a week. Keep in mind, too, that you can alternate between the light and the deep, depending on your moisture needs. Typically, light is great for finer hair types, and deep is perfect for thicker and coarser hair. But, for example, if you have fine hair that’s very, very dry, go ahead and try the deep version.

You can also use this as a leave-in overnight treatment - give yourself a home spa experience by applying a hot towel over the hair masque to help unwind and relax. Oily scalp but dry hair otherwise? Just apply from mids to ends - you’ll still gain all the benefits this masque has to offer.

If your hair is drier this time of year, chances are your skin is too. Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics skin care line offers a couple of instant hydration options you might like to try.

Hydrating Water Gel Creme

This lightweight but luxe creme instantly boosts hydration, restores radiance, and reduces the look of redness. It’s infused with sea water and plant-derived hyaluronic acid to deliver 24-hour hydration, plumping skin to reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines. Calming ingredients like centella asiatica (known as gotu kola or pennywort), a medicinal plant used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, calm, soothe, and reduce the look of redness, and help strengthen skin’s protective barrier. Barley, sunflower, and cucumber extracts, along with olive squalane, help strengthen skin’s protective barrier to retain moisture and help reduce the look of irritation.

Full disclosure: Some people have noted that this creme feels a bit sticky once applied to the face, and that it doesn’t always work well with primer and/or foundation. Personally, I haven’t had this issue, as it works well with other Aveda products like Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture or Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation. Don’t let this put you off in anyway - you can use this product as part of your evening skin care routine - and the hydration benefits will be even greater while you snooze away!

Intense Hydrator Serum

This is one of my favorite hydration serums of all time - and there are a lot of serums out there on the market. It’s super lightweight, fast-absorbing, and delivers instant and continued hydration through the power of cactus fruit stem cells and plant-derived hyaluronic acid. This also minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and restores skin’s protective lipid layer to maintain day-long moisture. When using this serum, make sure to apply it before using one of the Tulasara concentrates (Bright, Calm, or Firm).

If you really want to keep your hair and skin in tip-top shape, ask your stylist about scheduling in a Nutriplenish treatment with your service, and/or treat yo’self to a custom Aveda facial with Danielle McHenry, our resident esthetician at our Boalsburg location. Get to know her a little - watch her awesome video!

Here’s to happy, hydrated hair and skin!

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