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Pump Up the Volume: 4 Thickening Style Products to Boost Your Mane

Aveda thickening hair styling products:  Invati Advanced Thickening Foam, Phomollient Styling Foam, Thickening Tonic, and Volumizing Tonic

If thicker, fuller hair styling is what you’re after, we have an Aveda product for that! Let me introduce a killer - and versatile - styling product lineup that will leave your hair bouncin’ and behaving’ and then some!

We’ll start off with the newest member to the fam - and the very first styling product in the Invati Advanced line of products. Introducing:

Invati Advanced Thickening Foam

This gem isn’t on our retail shelves just yet, but it will be close to the end of September. Trust me, it does not disappoint if you’re looking for all over thickness and volume - from root to ends.

As an Aveda Ambassador, I’m very fortunate (and grateful) to have the opportunity to try products before they hit the shelves. Doing so gives me the opportunity to learn how the product behaves, the results it delivers, and how to best use it for optimal results, as well as inform our stylists and guests about those benefits and results.

I’ve been using this since it arrived in my ambassador mailbox a few weeks ago, and I can assure you that it will now be part of my daily styling staple lineup. It hasn’t shattered any of my expectations - it has exceeded them!

This is a true foam product - nice and thick. Think about the best meringue you’ve ever made before you baked it - fluffy, but soft and shaped! Right before you blow dry, add 3-5 pumps to the palm of your hand, then gently emulsify with your hands. Apply all over from roots to ends, then blow dry to see the magic happen.

Speaking of blow drying - Thickening Foam protects from thermal damage and helps reinforce thinning or fragile hair. It’s perfect for fine hair too, and adds instant thickness and volume. I can attest! I have fine hair with texture, but a good amount of it. Since I’ve been using this product, I can feel and see the volume last all day - I get flexible hold with zero weight plus shine.

Let’s thank key ingredients like rice protein and amla that help to instantly plump hair and add shine.

Phomollient Styling Foam

Ah, my sweet, sweet Phomollient. This has been in my trusty styling bag-o-tricks for several years, and even though I am loving Invati Thickening Foam, Phomollient will always be one of my go-to products for lightweight volume styling.

It’s a foam, but not as thick as Invati Thickening Foam - it’s like that meringue I talked about before - only it’s before the fluffy and shaped stage - it’s the air-hits-the-ingredient stage, where you see just a little bit of shape infused with tiny bubbles. Liquid turning into a foam - same concept with Phomollient. Aveda’s air-infused technology transforms a liquid into a foam without hydrocarbon propellants.

Like Thickening Foam, emulsify just a few pumps into the palm of your hand and apply from roots to ends before you blow dry. This is also a great product for fine to medium hair types, and it imparts smooth shine - especially if you use Aveda’s wooden paddle brush when you blow dry.

Thickening Tonic

This spray tonic lives up to its name, instantly thickening hair from roots too ends. I use it with Phomollient to create extra volume - apply Phomollient first, then follow with a few sprays of Thickening Tonic, and comb through with a wide tooth comb before you blow dry. This is an excellent styling choice for those with thin or thinning hair - it thickens each strand of hair through the power of organic ingredients like amla, wheat, and corn to help create a fuller style.

Volumizing Tonic

If a root boost is what you’re after, this one should be in your bag of blow drying tricks, too. This lightweight spray leverages organic aloe and wheat amino acids to build body - and you’ll get the added bonus of shine as well. I find that Volumizing Tonic works best when you lift sections of hair, spray on roots, then distribute through hair with a wide tooth comb before you blow dry. This product also works well with Phomollient for added volume.

I should mention that these products work best for blow dry styling, and really aren’t intended for air drying hair. If you air dry, you’ll get that dreaded crunch (cringe!) and the products won’t perform they way in which they are designed to do so.

If high fidelity hair is what you want, it’s nice to know that you have an all-star lineup of options to choose from at @portfolioasalon and @portfolioasalonbellefonte. If you’re not sure what to choose, just ask any of us or ask your stylist directly. As always, we’re happy to help you feel and look your best!

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