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Product Reboot: Meet New & Improved Smooth Infusion!

Smooth Infusion product line that includes shampoo and conditioner, blow dry spray, heat cream, and style prep; products are on display in a row, decorated with green botanicals
Image: Aveda Marketing Library

Are you an enthusiastic user of Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line? You’re going to love it even more. Never used the line before - just never considered it? Think again!

What you will HEART About this Line

After six years of dedicated research to redesign the line, this updated version delivers innovative dual action plant-based (and powered!) technology. An invisible plant polymer shield coats each strand of hair to repel water - without the silicone! A botanical smoothing oil blend of Kalahari melon seed oil and tamanu oil smooths and conditions the hair cuticle for super shiny, super soft hair.

It’s the longer, more science nerd way of saying that the two described above work together to withstand humidity to the Nth degree!

  • Hair that is frizz prone can instantly be transformed just by using a few basic products from this line.

  • It’s designed for ALL hair types and textures! It’s not just for those who want a smooth as glass blow out or to wear their wavier hair as straight as possible. It’s designed to EMBRACE texture like coils and curls, to help smooth the surface and control frizz. Also, if you have textured, course hair - consider getting to know this product line. Straight, wavy, or curly, Smooth Infusion delivers for you.

  • It’s naturally derived, vegan, cruelty-free, silicon-free, and sulfate cleanser-free. You know it - it’s the Aveda you are used to - free from the bad things and infused with things that are good for you and our world.

Fun Fact: A lot of smoothing products out there contain silicone or have replaced it with synthetic ingredients that just weigh hair down and don’t deliver the desired results. Smooth Infusion is silicone free, mentioned above - and the big deal here is that it’s completely plant-powered to deliver optimal - and natural - results. Plant technology smooths your hair - not chemicals!

The Line-Up

While a few products are being discontinued (we’ll get to that in a bit), there are some great new ones coming on board to the line. Don’t worry about those discontinuations - we have some substitutes, and we’re happy to help you determine your options!

Anti-Frizz Shampoo (for all hair types)

This gentle cleanser moisturizes and enhances shine while fighting frizz.

Anti-Frizz Conditioner (for all hair types)

This smoothing conditioner also moisturizes, softens hair, and detangles to improve manageability and prevent flyaways.

Style-Prep Smoother (for straight, wavy, and curly textures)

This is a nice, lightweight treatment serum that primes hair with pre-style protection - especially if you’re heat styling. It’s going to deliver 72 hours worth of frizz defense, plus it contains UV filters and protects from heat styling up to 450 degrees. You can style as desired with this one - run it through damp hair and do your thang!

Perfectly Sleek Heat Styling Cream (for curly and coily textures)

This new, luxe styling cream is rich and buttery, designed to deeply nourish and protect hair from hot, hot, sizzle, hot flat irons and other heat styling tools up to 450 degrees. It also conditions hair and improves its manageability as a result. The cream can be applied to clean, towel-dried, detangled, damp hair. Just distribute evenly throughout your hair, blow dry, then use your flat iron for that sleek and on fleek smooth, shiny result.

Perfect Blow Dry (for straight, wavy, and curly textures)

This heat-activated blow dry spray helps make frizz-prone hair 5x smoother - and the results are instant! It wraps each strand of hair with that invisible plant-powered shield that provides 72 hours of anti-frizz protection in up to 85% humid conditions. This product also features UV filters and also protects from heat styling up to 450 degrees.

This product is meant to work with heat - and it’s activated by heat. All you need to do is give it a shake, spray on evenly, paddle brush it in, then dry. Make sure to apply in sections from roots too ends. Blow dry thoroughly to activate the product and seal in its benefits.

The Substitutes

A few of the products from the line are being discontinued - but we have solutions for you!

  • If you used Glossing Straightener, then try Perfect Blow Dry

  • If you used Naturally Straight, then try Perfectly Sleek Heat Styling Cream

  • If you used Nourishing Styling Creme, then try Confixor Liquid Gel followed by a layer of Style-Prep Smoother

  • If you used the Smoothing Masque, then try the masque options offered by the Botanical Repair, Nutriplenish, and Invati Advanced lines. Talk to your stylist about your primary hair concerns to determine the best masque option for you.

Ah, The Aroma

It’s not going anywhere - no need to change what’s already perfection. This beautifully bright and uplifting aroma is a fresh citrus-floral blend infused with bergamot, rose, Australian sandalwood, and certified organic palmarosa.

Let’s Talk About the Packaging

It’s just pretty - an updated, atmospheric blue/gray that’s aligned with modern color palettes driven by Pantone’s color forecasting. I also think it’s a nice complement to the color palettes for Botanical Repair, Nutriplenish, and Invati Advanced - it just works!

On Shelves When?

This new and delightfully improved suite of products is due to be on our shelves (and hopefully in your hands, too) by March 27 - but don’t hesitate to starting talking with your Portfolio stylist now about using this enhanced and diversified line of products.

Have fun and Smooth on!

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