• Karen Hackett

Orange Couch Inspo!

Orange velvet settee with brass legs set next to a plant

Check out this adorable orange settee that just arrived at the @portfolioasalonbellefonte salon this week! It not only adds a nice pop of color to our neutral and clean decor, but it represents so much more and is aligned with Aveda’s philosophy around well-being and balance. In fact, seeing this orange couch for the first time reminded me of Aveda’s Chakra 2 Balancing Pure-Fume Mist (Nourished) - which is represented by - you guessed it - the color orange.

Orange symbolizes joy, creativity, optimism, and confidence. It also represents balance, passion, and enthusiasm. Orange promotes a general sense of wellness - and I can assure you that I feel really good stretched out on this velvet little beauty!

Aveda's Chakra 2 Pure-Fume Mist with carnelian stones and other gem stones in the background

In all seriousness, Chakra 2 is the pleasure chakra - it’s the center of vitality and moves us beyond our own selves to developing relationships with others. When this chakra is balanced and completely in sync, you have stable energy, alertness, connected-ness, and a keen sense of self-awareness.

Stones associated with Chakra 2 include: Orange Jade, Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Fire Agate, Orange Quartz, Orange Rhodochrosite, Orange Garnet, and Orange Amber.

Aveda’s Chakra 2 mist is an earthy blend of sandalwood, certified organic orange and geranium leave one feeling well-balanced and centered. Other oils and flowers associated with this chakra are gardenia, lemon, ylang ylang, and jasmine.

To maintain and basque in your own orange glory, make sure to apply Chakra 2 to your pulse points - and you can always use it as air care to infuse your environment with - and strengthen - a sense of wellness.

Now excuse me while I wrap up this blog post quickly - a cute little chakra couch is calling my name…

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