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Say Hello to Hydration! Meet the New Nutriplenish Hair Care System

We are very excited to tell you about a new product line that is soon to be on our shelves - Aveda’s Nutriplenish Hair Care System.

Nutriplenish is by far one of Aveda’s most innovative and luxurious product lines yet - it is nutrient-powered hydration at the highest level. If you’re on the hunt for serious moisture and hydration, then this is the product line for you. The best part? This six-piece system has something for everyone and every hair type, so it’s versatile and customizable. If you have fine to medium hair, then the light moisture option is for you. If you have medium to course and/or thick hair, then the deep moisture option is right up your alley.

The Nutriplenish system is packed with Aveda’s own powerful, superfood complex to hydrate and moisturize - a hair care blend that includes omega 5-rich organic pomegranate seed oil, coconut oil, and mango butter. These key ingredients help hydrate hair each time you shampoo and are designed to visibly replenish hair. Nutriplenish’s aroma is divine - a light, spicy floral that features cocoa, organic cardamom, and organic ginger.

So what’s the difference anyway between hydration and moisturization?

Hydration is the process of raising the moisture and nutrient levels within the hair strand through the use of humectants, emollients, proteins, amino acids and vitamins that penetrate the hair. Hair that lacks hydration can feel dry or brittle and may break easily. Moisturization is the process of using emollients, butters and/or oils to create a barrier to help seal moisture in the hair. Moisturizing helps the hair retain water. The primary function of a moisturizer is to seal and smooth the cuticle.

Your hair needs both - and Nutriplenish is designed to do both! The superfood complex noted previously helps achieve this:

organic pomegranate oil protects the outer layer of the hairorganic coconut oil penetrates hair to hydrate from within, and softens it to retain moisturemango butter protects the outer layer of the hair, and it moisturizes, nourishes, and softens.

The product line contains six products total, with two types of shampoos and conditioners - a pair for light moisture and a pair for deep moisture. Also part of the product line up is a leave-in conditioner and a multi-use hair oil - both products can be used on damp or dry hair. The oil can be mixed in with one of the conditioners to deliver an at-home deep conditioning treatment - the options are limitless!

If you’re not sure about which type of Nutriplenish shampoo and conditioner to use, we’ll work with you to address three questions:

Does your hair absorb moisture quickly? Does your hair tangle easily? Does high humidity ruin your style?

If your answers are mostly:

Yes: this indicates that your hair has high porosity and it absorbs and holds moisture but resists it. Select Deep and use the oil and leave-in conditioner to seal in that treasured moisture!

Sometimes: this indicates that your hair has medium porosity and that it retains and absorbs some moisture. Select Light or Deep conditioners as your options

No: this indicates that your hair has low porosity and it does not absorb or retain moisture well. Use the multi-use hair oil or the leave-in conditioner

Nutriplenish is the ultimate shot of nutrition for your tresses, and is considered an Aveda luxury product line. It uses the highest quality organic ingredients to deliver maximum hair health. As a result, the price point for this system is more expensive than Aveda’s other hair products. Think about Nutriplenish as an investment, not an expense - and remember that a little goes a long way.

Be the first to get in on this amazing system by pre-ordering at our Holiday Open House, Sunday, December 1, 1-4 p.m.! This means you’ll get 20% off if you pre-order and pay in advance at the Open House event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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