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NEW Services Coming Soon to Portfolio Boalsburg!

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Summer ’22 is all about NEW: It's going to be an exciting time for Portfolio Boalsburg! We are so excited to share that we’ll be adding a few spa services to our bag of beauty and self-care tricks! Get ready to glow and shine with manicures, pedicures, and skin care services, including facials.

Woah, we know, it seems like a lot, but we’re excited to pamper you with the very best, environmentally-friendly, botanically-driven, and Aveda-aligned services. And who better to talk about this than our very own Amanda!

Check out my latest interview with her, and stay tuned in to our socials for our more in-depth podcast on the topic.

Why these services?

We decided to expand in Boalsburg primarily because our guests were asking for these services. Many were frustrated by a lack of options in the area for nails, esthetics, and hair services under one roof! We just wanted to deliver these options to our guests - and so, we're going to do so!

Ok, we’re too excited! When will these services launch?

We don’t have a launch date just yet, but we’re working on it! We will be hiring and onboarding staff for these services and also need to renovate the spaces so that our guests are as relaxed and comfortable as possible!

With skin care/facial services, do you recommend a consultation first to determine the best type of facial for the guest?

We will be building out our esthetics program so that all services start with a full consultation. This way, the skin care specialist has an opportunity to fully address any issues the guest may have with their skin.

Talk to me about treats for hands and feet - what can guests expect from our mani/pedi services?

We will be working directly with an Aveda Educator to build out our mani and pedi services. We want to make sure they are completely aligned with Aveda and include a spa quality to them. Of course, with skin care services, we’ll be using Aveda’s skin care products and techniques.

Any last, pampering thoughts you’d like to share?

We are super excited to be expanding and providing more opportunities for our guests to enjoy - and indulge in - self care!

Again, stay tuned for more details and for our extended conversation. As always, we look forward to helping you be your best self!

Image: Aveda Marketing Library

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