• Karen Hackett

Neutral Lip Glam Jam with FeedMyLips!

Make a neutral lip pop with my easy routine below. I love sharing tips, but make it your own with other color combos from your own inspiration and creativity!

I lean toward rose golds and golds with some “spahkle” and gild to them, but if reds or pinks are your jam (and sometimes, I feel them, too), go for it with the kaleidoscope of colors and formula options Aveda’s FeedMyLips line has to offer.

Here’s my neutral lip glam jam, step-by-step:

Treat: FeedMyLips Pure Nourish-mint Lip Treatment

Smooth on this essential first step to condition and moisturize lips to prime them for color. You know how you moisturize your skin to keep it supple and smooth? This is the same concept, just for your lips. Plus, you’ll love the aroma-flavor, which features Aveda’s signature certified organic peppermint, vanilla, and ginger.

Prime: FeedMyLips Pure Nourish-mint Lip Primer

This awesome primer in a pencil does just that - it primes your lips for optimal color application. This colorless wonder creates an invisible barrier with a blend of botanical waxes to smooth fine and dry lines, and prevent any feathering.

Define: FeedMyLips Pure Nourish-mint Lip Liner Kola or Loomi

Treated and primed, you’re now ready to start the neutral glam jam process! Gently line lips with soft neutrals like Kola or Loomi to define and shape your lips. Powered by non-sticky botanical waxes and mango seed oil, this liner delivers smooth, blendable color and will maximize lip color and longevity.

Color: FeedMyLips Pure Nourish-mint Lipstick in Kimi Fig

Almost there! Now you’re ready to add your color of choice - mine’s Kimi Fig - either straight from the tube or with a lip brush for precision.

Top: FeedMyLips Pure Nourish-mint Lip Gloss Topper in Gold Shimmer or Gloss in HIbiscus Dew

Now for the finish and the win! Add a little extra with a shimmery gloss, like Lip Gloss Topper in Gold Shimmer or Hibiscus Dew to glam it up!

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