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Maya’s Product Pick: Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizing Leave In Treatment

Aveda's Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizing Leave-in Treatment next to a plant in a white planter

Last week we mentioned that we’d be sharing stylist product picks throughout out the month of July - and tag, Maya’s it! Let’s share some golf claps with Maya for kindly sharing her favorite Aveda product. Drum roll please…

“When I started working with Aveda products, it was hard to pick which ones I loved the most! With some experimentation on my own hair, Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizing Leave In Treatment has become a staple in both mine and my guests’ daily hair regimen. Not only does this leave in provide me with the necessary moisture to take on the day, it also leaves my hair feeling soft, light, and smelling amazing!”

We couldn’t agree more, Maya - and thanks for your enthusiasm!

Maya Burgin headshot

Maya is one of our @portfolioasalonbellefonte stylists. When you stop in to buy your Nutriplenish products, make sure to say hello to her or book an appointment online with her - she'd love to style you!

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