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"Make it Work!" Get the most out of the Aveda Essentials Event

An assortment of Aveda products on a cafe table, with an Aveda shopping bag in the background, adorned with a red Aveda ribbon

Event Dates and Details

  • 20% off all Aveda product purchases, Sept. 15 - 21

  • Sept. 15: Early access for Aveda + Rewards Members

  • Sept. 16 - 21: Offer opens to all guests

Tim Gunn inspired this blog post - and if you’re wondering why - read on (and I thank you for it).

I love Tim Gunn. If you don’t know who he is, here's a quick summary: He was the producer of the fashion design reality series, Project Runway. Before this, he served on the faculty at Parsons School of Design, then chaired the school - and then he joined Liz Claiborne as the company’s chief creative director. In the recent past, he launched another fashion design reality series with Heidi Klum, also of Project Runway, called Making the Cut.

On Project Runway, he became well-known for mentoring (with kindness and thoughtfulness) the designers on the show with their design challenges. He always used encouraging words that became very well-known among fans like me. During constructive critiques of their designs and at the beginning of design challenges, he firmly but warmly cheered them on to “Go, go, go!” “Work, work, work!” and - yes - “Make it work!”

So what’s this have to do with the Aveda Essentials Event? In the spirit of Tim’s positive words, I want to encourage you to go, go, go, work, work, work, and make it work your way toward an awesome Aveda Essentials Event experience - one that feels good to you! Here’s a few tips I put together:

Be an early bird with Aveda + Rewards!

Aveda + Rewards members get access to this event a day before (Sept. 15) it opens to all guests. Like I mentioned in last week’s post, now would be a great time to become a member if you’re not just yet. Plus, you’ll earn double points with your very first purchase as a new member.

Visit our Aveda + Rewards page for details and to join the program - and of course - we can enroll you at the salon, too.

Make a shopping list

Whether it’s with pen and paper or captured on your mobile device, make a list! It will save you time. You can even categorize your list based on hair care and styling, skin care, body care, and aroma. I find that having a list for such events keeps it more enjoyable and less stressful - you don’t need to struggle to find something.

Remember, too, that if we don’t have something in stock that’s on your list, we can order it for you, and you’ll still get to enjoy the 20% off discount.

Stock up on litre-size products

With 20% off, purchasing a litre-size of your favorite, everyday shampoo or conditioner is the way to go. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll save the environment from extra plastic. One litre-size (33.8 oz.) equals about 4 8.5 oz. bottles. Upon opening, the shelf life for a litre is about 2 years - and you’ll use it by then if you’re a daily user and if others in your household are lovin’ that Aveda product, too!

Stock up on what you’ll use the most

If you’re a pragmatist, go for it by making a list of the things you always know you’ll use. Perfect example: Skin care products! Double up on items like Tulasara Concentrates, morning and evening cremes for face and eyes, and of course your cleanser, toners, and moisturizers. When you run out, you’ll have another on hand. Crisis averted!

Try something new!

A good sale event like this is a great opportunity to try an Aveda product you haven’t tried before - or maybe wouldn’t have even entertained trying before. Don’t want to commit to a full size version? Try some travel size options to get started on your way to discovering Aveda products that might work for you in ways you never imagined.

Shop online

Don’t forget about our online shopping option! You can also take advantage of this event online through our curbside shopping site - shop at your leisure from wherever you are! At checkout, apply the code SEPT2021 to get the discount. Include your Aveda + Rewards number in the notes section of your order.

Have fun, go, go, go get your goods, and “make it work” for you! Enjoy!

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