• Karen Hackett

Good things come in threes!

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Serums:  Instant Hydrator, Instant Luminizer, and Pore Refiner on a marble background

Some people say bad things come in threes, but I beg to differ. How about flipping this to the other side: good things come in threes - and they do - just like Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Serums! There is nothing bad about this trifecta of plant-powered skin care goodness.

What do I love the most? You can layer all three for a multitude of benefits - and they layer wonderfully with Tulasara Concentrates - day or night! If you’re looking to level up on your skin care routine for the back to school season, consider one - or all three - of these genies in pretty glass bottles.

Here’s the run down:

Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrator

If dewy, soft skin is what you’re after, this serum is calling your name.

Cactus fruit stem cells and plant-derived hyaluronic acid work together to instantly restore moisture, minimize the appearance of fine dry lines, and restore skin's protective lipid barrier to help maintain moisture throughout the day.

Botanical Kinetics Instant Luminizer

Like a delicate glow to your skin? Instant Luminizer is your new bestie. Infuse skin with luminosity through the power of snow lotus stem cells and plant-drived alpha hydroxy acids. These dissolve dull surface skin cells to reveal radiant and smooth skin.

Botanical Kinetics Pore Refiner

Smooth your facial canvas with this smooth operator - Pore Refiner. Sweet clover stem cells and plant-derived beta hydroxy acid help unclog and minimize pores - a great way to get your skin primed for even foundation application.

All you need is a small dropper full to apply and unleash the magic!

Layer Up!

If you plan to layer the serums, you’ll do so in exactly the order outlined above after cleansing and toning. When layering with Tulasara Concentrates, make sure to apply the serum(s) first, follow with your concentrate of choice, then hustle on over to your favorite Aveda moisturizer to complete your routine. While you can layer them, don’t mix them, as you won’t reap the benefit that each unique serum delivers to your skin.

Speaking of Tulasara Concentrates, are you wondering what the difference is between the two? Simply put, the serums provide instant results, whereas the concentrates provide results over time with consistent use. When used together, you’ll maximize the benefits of both, and your skin will thank you!

Have fun ramping up your skin care goals and routine. Of course, tell us what you think about the new serums. We'd love to hear your thoughts - and are happy to work with you to help you with your skin care needs.

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