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Gift Your Heart Out with Our 25% Off Sale!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Give love, shop local Aveda grouping of holiday packaging

Happening now! Just in time for the height of the holiday shopping season, Aveda is once again offering 25% off all retail purchases now through November 29 - and we couldn’t be happier to pass on this generous offer to you! You not only get the benefits of a Black Friday deal, but you’ll also support our local Boalsburg and Bellefonte salons by shopping small - and we thank you for it!

Crank up your gift list, cross if off just as quickly, and enjoy a pretty swanky discount on amazing gift and product options that show you care - get the goods for your loved ones, and maybe a little something for yourself. See our top five gift picks list below for some ideas, but first, let’s get to those sale details!

All you need to do is just show up - in person or online!

Visit us in Boalsburg or Bellefonte to conquer that gift list as well as stock up on some of your own favorites. We’ll apply the discount upon check out. If you’re an Aveda + Rewards member, make sure to have your number with you - and if you don’t - we can always look it up for you.

Don’t want to leave the house to do your shopping? You don’t need to do so!

Take advantage of this event through our curbside shopping site. Sip your favorite bevie in your favorite cozy outfit, and browse and shop without leaving the comfort of your home. At checkout, apply the coupon code NOV2125 to get the discount. Make sure to specify an estimated pickup location, time, and date, and that’s it! If you’re an Aveda + Rewards member, make sure to include your member number in the notes section of your order.

Let’s Talk Aveda + Rewards

Before we move on to some gift picks, let’s take a hot second to mention that Aveda + Rewards membership mentioned above.

If you purchase Aveda regularly - either for yourself or others - definitely consider joining this program. As a member, you’ll enjoy many perks, including early access to special sale events, double points on your first purchase, and generous discounts on salon services and products. Visit our Aveda + Rewards page for details and to join the program. We’re happy to enroll you in person at our salons, too.

Top 5 Gift Picks

Not sure what to gift? We put together a top five list to lift the pressure. This year, Aveda has put together some spectacular limited-edition gifts, adorned in exquisite packaging designed through their collaboration with global brand designer 3.1 Phillip Lim. Note that some gifts are pre-packaged, while others are our suggestions. We’ve also decided to offer gift sets at 25% off (pre-packaged or build-your-own).

These gifts have been designed to celebrate self-care and to inspire people to take a moment to engage in self-care routines - it’s all about being present, giving back, and helping those you love find that “ahhhh” moment.

Aveda limited-edition hair towel wrap and scrunchie set in coral and dark green color palette in an Aveda x 3.1 Phillip Lim gift box

Give Hair Flair: Hair Towel Wrap and Scrunchies

Package up a limited-edition, super soft, absorbent hair wrap with its own bag and matching scrunchies for your friends who like to go extra with hair accessories. The plush hair towel is functional and fashionable! It quickly and gently removes moisture after washing - plus - it’s excellent to use when treating your hair with a masque or deep conditioner. Its vintage vibe suggests it would look pretty chic poolside with a fancy bevie, too.

Scrunchies are back and fierce again, and these stop the bus with their limited-edition design and color palette that reflect Botanical Repair and Nutriplenish. They add a festive touch and a pop of nature-inspired color to a simple low pony or bun.

Shampure Pure-Fume Mist and Composition Oil on a marble background with Aveda x 3.1 Phillip Lim gift bag and gift box

Give Calm Vibes: Shampure Pure-Fume Mist and Composition Oil

“Oh, hi! We’ve missed you!” It’s nice to welcome back the limited-edition Shampure Pure-Fume Mist, which first debuted a few years ago. If you have someone on your list who loves the iconic Shampure aroma, this versatile mist is sure to please - and calm the senses. It can be used as a body mist, hair mist, or air mist.

Pair it with the equally calming and nourishing Composition Oil and you’ll be gifting a whole lotta namaste - something we all need during the hectic holiday season!

Detangling comb and wooden paddle brush on marble background with Aveda x 3.1 Phillip Lim gift box

Give Grooming Goals: Wooden Paddle Brush and Detangling Comb

Look at this handsome couple, adorned with limited-edition design elements, too. Both help gently detangle hair without the damage, and are excellent tools for evenly distributing styling products. And let’s talk about that paddle brush - it not only detangles, but if you have a person on your list who loves a smooth blow out, the paddle brush is IT! Plus, these are limited-edition items - perfect for beauty enthusiasts who appreciate unique items for daily use.

Travel size hand relief trio in Rosemary Mint, Shampure, and Cherry Almond with Aveda tissue wrap and Aveda x 3.1 Phillip Lim gift box

Give the Magic of Three: Hand Relief Trio

We love this cuteness in a gift box - Hand Relief in the iconic aromas we know and love:  calming Shampure, invigorating Rosemary Mint, and sweet-and-sassy-as-can-be Cherry Almond. It’s a great gift option for a teacher, host, or co-worker.

(pre-packaged gift set)

Hand Relief and Foot Relief gift set in full sizes and travel sizes on a marble background with Aveda x 3.1 Phillip Lim gift box

Give Home and Travel Essentials Joy: Hand and Foot Relief Gift Set

Who doesn’t want luxe treats for hands and feet - especially when it’s all wrapped up in a lovely limited-edition keepsake giftbox? This Hand Relief & Foot Relief Home and Travel Essentials gift set delivers rich and continuous moisture, at home and on the go. This is a great gift option for ANYONE on your list - because EVERYONE deserves well-cared for fingers and toes, no matter where they roam!

(pre-packaged gift set)

Build your own! Get creative and personalize your gift - and of course, we’re always happy to help you put something together.

Have fun bringing your own holi-dazzle while saving a little coin at the same time with our sale. Happy gifting!

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