• Karen Hackett

Curly? Straight? There's a Style-Prep for That!

Aveda's Smooth Infusion Style-Prep in light blue bottle and Be Curly Style-Prep in a light green bottle with a laser cut metal background

Whether your locks are curly or straight, Aveda delivers with its versatile style-prep products for either hair type. I can’t recommend these enough to our guests - especially during the summer months. Though both address different hair types, they both help squash the frizz that hot, humid days can trigger!

If your crown is curly, step up your style with Be Curly Style-Prep. It will give you all day frizz protection, define your curls and swirls, and add moisturization. It also detangles nicely and boosts shine. It’s best used with the entire Be Curly haircare system. All you need to do is work a small amount into your hair and either air dry or blow dry as you like. Recommended: If you blow dry, use a diffuser to really add definition and volume to your curls.

If smooth and straight is where your head is at, go for Smooth Infusion Style-Prep. This product also defends against humidity and frizz - up to 12 hours! Just add a small amount to your hair, and air dry or blow dry. A blend derived from organic aloe, maize, and guar bean—helps create a smooth surface on hair - and imparts shine. This too performs best when used with the entire Smooth Infusion haircare system.

Somewhere in between? Experiment with both products to achieve the look you want. Also, the aromas for each remind me - no joke - of a citrus-y sorbet - very refreshing and clean.

No matter your style, these prep products get the job done. Have fun leveling up your style profile!

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