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Coming Soon to a Portfolio Near You: New Aveda Hair Care Products!

Get ready to make your summer hair care sizzle, people! Aveda is bamboozling us again with high quality, revolutionary hair care products that take plant science to a whole, new level - and they’re coming soon to both of our Portfolio locations - hopefully by late June/early July.

So what’s all the fuss about? Read on!

Color Control Shampoo and Conditioner

Aveda's Color Control Shampoo and Conditioner in maroon bottles on a white marble background with boxwood greens

Take control of your at-home color care with this plant powered color keeper! If you’re a Color Conserve user and lover, we’ll just rip off the band-aid quickly - yes, Color Conserve is being discontinued, but you’ll have zero regrets once you start using Color Control. And here’s why…

Aveda spent five years of research to develop plant-based technology that fundamentally changes the way we treat and care for colored hair.

The technology here is pretty amazing to say the least. Here’s the rundown:

  • Coconut and palm oils act as botanical cleansers and form a rich lather

  • Corn and rice neutralize and act as magnets to help protect color and neutralize color-dulling particles to help protect your hair when you wash

  • Dual charged molecules create a light, protective shield to keep water from penetrating into the hair - minimizing color wash

  • Apricot seed oil and biofermented actives from sugar beets nourish, smooth, and seal the hair cuticle to lock in color and add shine


Color Control is designed for at-home color care - when you wash, know that you’ll be protecting your color for up to 8 weeks (about 24 washes). When you first get your hair colored in-salon, your stylist will likely rinse you out using Botanical Repair (recommended).

If you’re using Blonde Revival and/or the Color Renewal Color Shine and Treatment masques, you can rotate between these and Color Control, and of course you can rotate with what you use for your primary hair concerns:

*For damage repair, rotate between Color Control and Botanical Repair

*For hydration, rotate between Color Control and Nutriplenish

*For thinning hair, rotate between Color Control and Invati Advanced


It smells like Aveda, of course! It’s a luxe woody, fresh, fruity floral composed of osmanthus, certified organic orange, cypress, and cedar wood. It’s beautiful, lush, and reminds me of a luxury perfume (because it is!)

Color Fade Protection Tips

Avoid washing hair 24-48 hours after a color service

Limit the number of weekly washes

Use cool water to wash and a cooler styling tool temperature

Avoid sun, salt, and chlorine - a challenge to do in the summer, but if you use Color Control, you’ll increase your color protection chances, if outdoor summertime activities are your jam!

Nutriplenish Styling Treatment Foam

Aveda's Nutriplenish Styling Treatment Foam on a white marble background with crystal accents

At about the same launch time, Nutriplenish Styling Treatment Foam will join the Nutriplenish family of products!

This lightweight but powerful foam delivers intense hydration - infused with that Nutriplenish superfood goodness we know and love as Nutriplenish fans. It’s never stiff or flaky - and you don’t need to blow dry at all - you can style and go, or use it with your diffuser or with a hooded dryer. Just pump the product into your hands, emulsify, and add to hair (no need at all to shake this product - just pump it out!)

The plant-power behind the product:

  • Organic pomegranate seed oil is an omega 5-rich oil that helps hydrate and revitalize dull, dry hair

  • Moisture-rich mango butter softens hair and prevents environmental damage

  • Organic coconut oil penetrates the hair with a high moisture-retaining capacity to keep hair hydrated and soft

It’s great to use in partner with Nutriplenish Curl Gelée for wet sets or when using a diffuser to coax and shape those curls! It adds some structure without the “crunchy” finish. It’s the perfect product for wet sets, wraps, and twist-outs.

Both products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and silicone-free - and Color Control contains absolutely no sulfate cleansers.

We hope you are as stoked about these revolutionary products as we are - looking forward to getting them stocked on our shelves and into your hands!

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