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Chit Chat Sesh:  Nailin’ it with Tessa!

Nail lacquers in dark blue, purple, red, green, yellow, and light blue with Aveda's Beautifying Composition Oil and Hand Relief and nail color sampleson a marble background

Coming soon to Portfolio Boalsburg, hair artist Tessa Yarnell is adding nail artistry and services to her bag-o-beauty tricks!

Of course, I saw this as an opportunity to interview and chat with Tessa about her new, exciting, and colorful adventure. Stay tuned for a future, more in-depth podcast. Now, let’s get to our chit chat sesh!

So what drove you to entertain nail services?

I always love changing things up! But I’ve been wanting to do nails again for the last few years and when Portfolio Boalsburg decided to add mani and pedi services, I saw it as an opportunity for me, so I decided to just go for it! I think the thing I enjoy the most is getting to have face-to face-conversations with my guests when I’m doing their nails! 

What are your favorite nail trends for 2022? What about nail art - do you like it and if so, what’s a design that just knocks your socks off?

Oh man, this is a tough question! I really love colored French tips. I think they are just stunning! I also love the barely there look. It’s simple, beautiful, and elegant. I think my favorite nail art might have to be polka dots!! 

Blogger’s note!

Tessa will be following the protocol for Aveda aroma manicures and pedicures - as an Aveda Concept salon, we of course wouldn’t have it any other way!

Aveda aroma pedicures and manicures are customized treatments that care for your tootsies and mitts, specifically addressing dry, aging skin, rough cuticles, and nail health. Tessa isn’t just “doing nails” - she’s also incorporating nail therapy, and will consult with you to help you determine the Aveda body care products and aromas that best meet your needs.

So, from start to finish, you’ll receive the full Aveda experience - Tessa will connect with you, discover your needs, help you identify solutions for any problem areas/concerns, make Aveda product recommendations for at-home care, and likely pre-book your next appointment! Don’t forget that last one - pre-booking is the way to go to ensure a spot on the schedule AND to keep caring for your hands and feet! Aromas include Beautifying, Cherry Almond, Rosemary Mint, Shampure, and Stress-Fix - again, Tessa will work with you before she begins to identify the aroma that will work best for your needs.

So, you’re doing pedis, too, correct?

I sure am! Wait until you experience our pedi massage chairs, too - very relaxing, plus you get almost a full body massage while you enjoy your pedicure!

Let’s talk nail shapes! What’s your favorite - almond, round, square-ish, pointed?

Personally, I really love more of the almond shape! 

Tessa, I agree - almond nails are very fancy pants and they always look elegant. Also, they look fabulous with those colorful French tips you talked about earlier!

Have a favorite nail color?

Of course I love black, but my other go to color is typically a dark green! You may catch me rocking some neon colors as well. 

Anything else you’d like to share about your new endeavor?

I’m super excited to be able to start this and be able to help people love their hair and love their nails as well. This is such a rewarding experience. 

The Portfolio fam is excited for you, too, Tessa - and we can’t wait to see what creativity you unleash in this space!

Make sure to stay tuned for more information about the launch of these services - we're so close, and can't wait to share more details soon!

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