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Chit Chat Sesh: Amanda Talks About Cuts and Colors!

Hair cut and color by Amanda Flick using Aveda's Pure Pink pigment
Image by Amanda Flick

"Pink Pure pigment can be a great option for your reds! Create a beautiful violet-based red when you add pink to our natural series." --Amanda Flick

Spoken like a true professional, of course! It's a great way to set the tone for my latest interview conversation with Amanda about hair cuts and colors.

Check it out below, and stay tuned for a more in-depth podcast series on these conversations. Missed our first interview about Amanda's role as an Aveda Educator? Read the interview! Have an interview topic you want us to gab and yak about? Drop us a note, and we'll look at putting together some Q and A and then some!

So, what do you see happening with hair cuts and colors - what’s trending?

We really aren’t seeing any trends right now. This goes along with the fact that we are still in a pandemic and people have really simplified what they are doing with their hair. A lot of men are still wearing their hair longer and women just want a low maintenance look. Being that costs are drastically increasing in every aspect of ours lives, I think this will continue for a while.

What suits your fancy in this space - what’s your favorite thing going on?

In general, I still love doing shorter women's cuts.

So, while we’re touching on color, talk to me about Aveda’s Full Spectrum Permanent color system reboot and its possibilities.

We’ve added components that allow us to customize everyone’s color even more than before. We can get better grey coverage in less time and have added some cooler tones. We also have a new alkalizer package, botanical blend, and a new aroma.

What’s a cut that you ALWAYS love to do and maybe even improvise?

I always love the Dorthy Hamil cut. I’ve been doing alot of inverted bobs with indercuts as well.

Do you have a favorite Aveda Vibrant as a go-to for a pop of color or do you just love them all?

I love them all!

Opinion time! What’s a cut you just can’t even?

I would never say “I can’t even” to any haircut. When you see them from an artist’s perspective, it allows you to envision the potential for anything. I have, however, seen a lot of poorly executed cuts or cuts that were not correct for someone’s face shape.

Talk to me about that Mullet 2021 trend that just won’t quit. Yay or nay to Mulletville?

I’ve always loved mullets. I think recently they’ve come to represent a specific stereotype and whether you are in favor of this stereotype or not, a mullet can create a really flattering shape on someone. Men, most specifically, look great in a mullet because it accentuates their square features. Mullets have always been classically, a very European look. A lot of women wear mullets in other countries and they are gorgeous.

Any parting words you would like to share about your cut and color philosophy?

Anything is possible! Don’t ever box yourself in and say “well I can’t wear my hair like this or I can’t color my hair like that”. Don’t take your hair so seriously and ALWAYS listen to your stylist. If they tell you something will take more than one appointment or it may damage your hair, don’t ask them to do it anyways!

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