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Chit Chat Sesh: Amanda's Interview About Being An Aveda Educator!

Amanda and Kiersta engaging in instruction at the salon

Recently, Amanda embarked on the path toward becoming an Aveda Educator through Aveda’s Purefessional program - and of course - she achieved it! So, in addition to being a master stylist, owner, and manager, she now adds educator to her impressive bag of tricks. Check out our interview conversation below...and stay tuned for a follow-up podcast that captures our more in-depth conversation. Before we get to it, here’s a quick snapshot of the Aveda Purefessional program.

Simply put, an Aveda Purefessional embodies Aveda, its mission, and its lifestyle. While there are a number of general and technical guidelines, this at least gives you some context for the path. The foundation is simple: if you’re a natural mentor, a passionate artist who loves Aveda, a team-focused person who believes in life long learning, and enrolled in an Aveda Educator path, then striving to become an Aveda Purefessional is for you. Sounds like a no brainer that this is a role fit for Amanda!

The four core steps to unlocking this achievement:

  • Get endorsement from salon ownership

  • Apply for a regional audition

  • Get well-versed and brush up on the curriculum for your learning path

  • Showtime: Audition!

At a glance, this may look “easy” but there is a great amount of sweat equity, time, passion, and talent that go into this work.

Now let’s get to the convo!

What compelled you to become an Aveda Educator?

I have always loved Aveda’s education and felt inspired by how amazing and supportive all the educators are. I kind of just always knew that eventually my professional path would lead me there.

What’s your favorite part about being one?

There’s a really amazing feeling I get when I’ve connected with a group of people and can give back in a way that has more impact on my industry than just standing behind a chair.

What’s next in this realm for you?

I’m getting ready to audition to become a cutting educator! My goal is to be able to teach dual classes (cut/color) for Aveda and eventually create my own curriculums.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from an Aveda mentor? What advice would you like to share from your own lens?

Don’t be afraid of criticism. Be you, but 25% better.

Educating is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of your own initial time and money. You have to be able to push past your own fears and boundaries and be ok with being uncomfortable.

What’s your favorite Aveda inspiration?

The Mission statement!

When do you feel at your best and most beautiful self?

Um, sleeping in my bed! Or staying in bed all morning just reading, drinking coffee, and petting my cat. None of which happens very often!

Ok - tell us! What’s the most memorable haircut you’ve ever had? Meaning, across the span of your lifetime!

Oh man, in terms of cuts I’ve done or received?!? I literally went into this industry because I had so many bad haircuts growing up. Mullets with feathered bangs and permed chin length bobs!

I’ve given SO many haircuts over the years that I’ve loved doing that I couldn’t pick just one. It’s as much about the act of doing the cut as it is about seeing the end result. It’s almost meditative.

Anyone who knows you knows that you really enjoy a top notch bourbon and exceptional dark chocolate. What are a couple of other delicacies that you enjoy?

Well, I am pretty boujee so there’s a lot! I generally love the experience of new restaurants, food, and really good wine.

Any parting thoughts you’d like to share?

Stay classy!

And SASSY! Thanks so much, Amanda, for sharing your time and experiences with us. We are all very excited to see where you go - and how you grow - with this!

Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for our in-depth podcast in the coming weeks!

Image Credit: Sam Lucas; Amanda in education mode with hair artist, Kiersta Walley

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