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Blonding much this summer? You need to read this blog post!

Aveda Botanical Repair shampoo, Blonde Revival shampoo, and Color Renewal Color and Shine Treatment on a marble background accented with plant leaves

’Tis the season for blonding services, like highlights/foils or a balayage! If you’re among the many who partake in making your hair blonder for summer, then you’ll likely want to know how to keep it looking fresh and bright in between services. Read on, my blondie friends! The maintenance isn’t that hard - in fact, I think you’ll enjoy it. And, you can save a little money, too, between appointments (something we all want to hear right now!)

  • When you wash and condition your hair, use Botanical Repair. This is an excellent choice for caring for blond hair. It strengthens and repairs all three layers (cortex, cuticle, and f-layer) of the hair, keeping your blonde looking soft and shiny, not dull and drab. You can also rotate Botanical Repair with Color Control - never, ever a bad option - plus - these two product lines work hand in hand to protect and strengthen your color treated hair. Typically, your stylist will rinse you with Botanical Repair and recommend either Botanical Repair or Color Control for your at-home care. Either way, you won’t lose!

  • Up the ante by treating your hair day and night with Botanical Repair Strengthening Leave-in Treatment before you blow dry in the a.m. In the evening, along with your skin care routine, apply the Strengthening Night Serum. Using these treatments regularly will only strengthen (get it?) the effects of simply using the shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis.

  • When you get your blonding services, please let your stylist add a toner - it’s a critical component to the service, and without it, it’s difficult to achieve your desired results. It does exactly how it sounds - it’s meant to give the right tone to your hair, and it can be used a number of ways to achieve warmth or coolness. Just trust your stylist - they know exactly what they’re doing and the type of toner to use with your service - and of course, they’ll discuss it with you at the consultation and walk you through it while you’re at the bowl.

  • While we’re on the toner subject…consider pre-booking a toner appointment in between your next blonding appointment. Why? Half way to your next appointment (let’s go with every eight weeks as an example) is typically when your sassy blonde might go brassy. A toner will refresh that color and keep it sassy. Toners are demi color, so they’ll fade out 3-6 weeks after application and thus the brass. Toners will vary in price, but note that it’s an economical way to keep that blonde going if you’re extending your appointment timeframe to save a little money.

  • Try a little toner-like action at home! Aveda has you covered with two products you can use at home to keep your blonde vibrant. It will get you through the last hump before your appointment! Blonde Revival shampoo is an excellent choice for rotating with Botanical Repair and Color Control. The shampoo works and behaves more like a toner. It’s a low-lather shampoo that you’ll leave on hair for 1-3 minutes, depending on how much you want to neutralize, before rinsing thoroughly. Follow with the conditioner, which you’ll also leave on for 1-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Let’s stop a hot sec and ask, “why purple?” It comes down to color science. Yellow and purple are opposites on the color wheel - and opposites attract. Purple neutralizes and tones yellow, and this is the science behind Blonde Revival. It’s just that simple! Alternatively to the conditioner, give the Color Renewal Color and Shine Treatment in Cool Blonde a try. It tones, cools, and neutralizes the brassiness in your sassiness. It’s ideal for all blonde, grey, and silver shades. You’ll only need to leave it on 2-5 minutes, depending on the intensity you want to achieve. There is a Warm Blonde version as well, designed for medium to dark blonde shades. Make sure to discuss with your stylist the one that’s best for you to use between appointments.

  • Be transparent with your stylist and exercise patience. Let your stylist know exactly what you’re hoping to achieve prior to your appointment and during the consultation before they get to work on your head. Know that some looks are going to take longer - and a few appointments worth - in order to get the look you want. Some good quality at-home care can help get you there.

Note that this at-home care rotation is not a replacement for blonding services, but they’re meant to help you care for your blondie self in between your appointments.

That’s it! Maximize your regular blonding services (and your budget!) with a follow-up toner appointment and a great at-home rotation. Happy blonding!

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