• Karen Hackett

Blend Away Grey in 5 Minutes!

Looking to get a handle on those somewhat annoying grey hairs that keep cropping up? Let's talk about our 5-minute grey blending service.

Designed as a men's Aveda service option, this technique leverages five pre-blended shades that give a natural look through the power of 95% naturally derived demi-permanent color. This is a fancier way of saying that your salt and pepper won't lose its panache - your grey will be less obvious, your natural color remains, and you'll never have the dreaded "Hey, I just dyed my hair with a giant magic marker" look! The processing time is just 5 minutes - that's it - no waiting.

Another benefit: Grey blending is an excellent way to condition your hair through its signature blend of certified organic sunflower, castor, and jojoba oils.

This is a quick and low-maintenance way to blend grey with your natural hair color - and it's easy to decide on the fly if you want to add it to your cut/clipper service - and you can certainly pre-book it online with us as well.

Grey blending is not just for the gents! Please note that we are very happy to perform this service on anyone, not just those who identify as male. While this is considered an Aveda men's service, we promote all of our services as gender-neutral, and we invite anyone who is interested in this service to consult with us.

Happy Blending, everyone!

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