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And Now a Word from our Fearless Leader, Amanda Flick

Master Stylist and Owner Amanda Flick cutting hair

I always love a good guest star on a blog post - and what better one to have than Portfolio’s leader extraordinaire?!?

Amanda has some exciting information to share about her 13-year career, her evolving role as an Aveda salon leader, the expansion of Portfolio’s talented, rock star staff, and a new location in Bellefonte! Needless to say, we’ve experienced exponential growth over the last few months - an indicator that our future is busy and bright. Read on!

Hello to all of my Beautiful Guests!

I have known many of you for 13 years or more and I deeply value the relationships I have built with you, as well as the amazing support you have given me. Words can not express the gratitude I have toward each and every one of you. Most of you remember when I was pregnant with my children, when my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, or even some of the crazy trips my husband and I have taken on motorcycles! I’ve laughed, cried and complained with you about how nutty life is, and you’ve shared more about your lives than most people tell their therapists.

To say that this past year was intense, is an understatement. We all dealt with the fear of a pandemic and worked our butts off overtime to take care of our families - and tried to make life as “normal” as possible. I was very naive in thinking that this would only last for a couple of months and here we are more than a year later!

I have gone through many transformations this year, some willingly, and some not so much. I am super grateful for the fact that we were able to keep the salon open after a three month closure, keep everyone safe, and provide you all with some semblance of normalcy.

Through all of this, we were able to expand the wonderful legacy that Gordie created with a 2nd Portfolio location in beautiful downtown Bellefonte. It is my hope that we can continue to grow and evolve our business for our guests. As the business grows, my role must evolve too.

I feel passionate about maintaining the unique experience Portfolio offers. As an owner, it’s important for me to spend more time training stylists and managing both salons. As such, I’ll be reducing my hours behind the chair.

It is my hope that I can accommodate you with my new schedule. However, If you are not able to schedule with me, I am very confident that the nine stylists that I have personally trained will provide you with the same quality experience that you always enjoy at Portfolio. I am very proud of our talented team. If I can’t accommodate you in my schedule, I will personally match you with one of our other stylists.

Over the years, I have increased my service fees based on my experience. Now, as a Master Stylist, my fees will increase as of June 1st. Of course, I will honor appointments and current pricing through May.

Thank you so much, everyone! I am always grateful for you, your support, and loyalty. Portfolio isn’t Portfolio without you, our cherished guests. I am so happy to continue to serve you, and thank you for your flexibility and understanding. It means the world to me and to all our stylists.

With much gratitude and love,

Amanda Flick, Owner and Master Stylist

Amanda’s Appointment Options, Effective June 1st:

Boalsburg Bellefonte

Monday-11am-7pm Tuesday- 11am-7pm

Wednesday- 11am-7pm

Thursday- 8am-10am Thursday- 11am-5pm

Friday- 8am-2pm Friday- 3pm-5pm

Amanda’s Master Stylist Prices Pricing (+ $4 eco fee)

Men's haircut: $42

Women’s haircut: $63

1&1/2 hour color service starts at: $127

2 hour color service starts at: $170

3 hour color service start at: $255

Please visit our homepage to view all open hours for Boalsburg and Bellefonte and to schedule an appointment with one of our stylists.

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