• Karen Hackett

Alissa's Product Pick: Speed of Light!

Senior Hair Artist Alissa Omelchenko headshot

Busy senior hair artist, Alissa, knows what time it is - and how to save it, too - without compromising great style and service. What’s her secret? Just like Maya and Morgan, Alissa’s sharing her favorite product, so let’s give her some love and cheers for her pick:

“One of my favorite products is Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray. I use it on all my clients before I comb them out after a shampoo. It works great on all hair types. Its ingredients help to smooth out the cuticle, as well as speed up your blow dry time. It also offers protection from the heat of your blow dryer, which is super important!”

Aveda's Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray with woodne paddle brush on a marble countertop

We couldn’t agree more, Alissa! Fantastic pick, and thank you so much for your advice - we’ll definitely take it considering your luscious tresses!

Alissa works at both @portfolioasalon and @portfolioasalonbellefonte. When you stop in either location to pick up your bottle of Speed of Light, make sure to say hello to her or book an appointment online.

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